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A dining card scheme is operated through collaboration between a large number of restaurant owners and a card provider. It is intended to encourage more people to make use of their local restaurants, usually by offering discounts on meals for two or more people.

Discounts from Taste Card – your Eat Out Dining Card

Discounts can be a two-for-one offer or a percentage taken off the final bill. Anyone over the age of 18 may apply for an eat out dining card and make use of it to get a big discount on any number of meals in participating restaurants.

Most dining card providers issue a guidebook featuring all of the participating restaurants, with contact details for booking a table. Some providers also have a smart phone app.

Booking ahead is a requirement and it is always necessary to tell the restaurant that you are making a dining card booking.

To obtain a discount, cardholders produce their eat out dining card when it’s time for the bill to be paid.

There is an annual charge to pay when registering or renewing an eat out dining card. The amount charged will vary, depending on the type of dining card. More than one type of dining card can be issued by a provider, with a more expensive option offering a different choice of discounts and places where it can be used.

There are many different dining card providers to choose from. Some offer discounts at a number of big chain restaurants in the UK and others cater more for people who want to dine in some of the country’s finest independent restaurants.

The Main Advantages of an Eat Out Dining Card

The more you use a dining card, the more money you can save at independent restaurants or your favourite restaurant chain.

If you eat out regularly you will save money over the year with a dining card. The more often you eat out with a partner, a group of friends or your family, the higher the saving will be for all their meals.

Please note that this is just a guide and some cards may vary. Please check with the card provider and participating restaurants as to the exact mechanics of your card.